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Refurbished Popcorn Hour A-110 Order Process - popcornhoursales - 04-30-2008 11:14 AM

We are pleased to inform you that you can now place your order for the Refurbished Popcorn Hour A-110 at

Your credit card will only be charged few days before the shipping date. Depending on which batch your order falls into, your credit card will be charged accordingly. We will process the orders based on the "first come, first serve" basis and will update the pre-order status for each batch in this forum.

Please give us around 1 week lead time to process the shipping list before we update shipping info in your Google Checkout account.

Please note that Google Checkout will perform an "Auth" operation on your credit card when you place the order. Google will hold the sum listed solely to confirm that your credit card is valid. Popcorn Hour will not have made any charges to your credit card yet at this point.

Due to limited Refurbished stocks available, Popcorn Hour reserve the right to cancel any order if there are no stock available.

A110 refurbished units will be ship directly from China and courier service delivery will according to this list given

Each tracking number will update to Google Checkout once we ship the order