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A do-it-all Media Jukebox? - usernames_are_hard - 08-28-2011 03:39 AM


Is there a Media Jukebox out there that will let me play movies, tv, music and pictures - all from the one interface? It seems like a simple thing but I have had zero luck finding it.

I have recently scored a HDX1000 from a mate who upgraded to a PH C200. I installed Oversight on it and it works really well - as a Movie JukeBox.

What I would really like is a complete Media Jukebox with the following features:

- One Place for Movies, TV, Music and Photos (I'm not the only person to use this so I want it to be pretty simple)
- Automatic scanning of new media. I don't want to have to kick of a process when new media is added (although I could look at creating an auto task to handle this)
- PC (Windows) Can be on or off... It's usally on all the time anyway.
- All the perks of a Movie Jukebox ie IMDB info, fan art, etc
- Still maintained or at least a complete and stable product
- A good looking interface or re-skinnable. Not critical but it would add to the experience.

Below is my findings to date. Please comment with your own opinions and / or if you know of another product that does what I am after.

My Lil Movie Jukebox
Appears to have the functionality I need. Little turned off by having to purchase Movie Collector, especially if it turns out not to be everything it appears to be.

Dynamic YAMJ
Again ticks all the boxes. In the middle of getting a test run of this going.

Looks like it hasn't been touched for over a year. Found little info on how to get it going and I didn't have a lot of luck when I tried to fire it up. However, I did see it on YouTube and it looked like it covered all media

I had zero luck with this one. I installed UMC 2.0 and UMP and I really like how UMC works, but all the configuration with UMP led to frustration. I got a couple movies showing (minus all the art, etc) but not luck with Music or Photos (but weather worked)

So that's pretty much where I am. If anyone has a solution which they use I would be glad to hear it. Additionally, if you have had luck with UMC/UMP or DMJ and know of a good walkthrough somewhere, Please pass it on.

Thanks for your time.


RE: A do-it-all Media Jukebox? - michael1t - 08-28-2011 02:29 PM

Hello usernames_are_hard,

You could try the Media Flow suite ...
All of the Jukeboxes Except the Music are Release
Including the Only Music Video Jukebox Available for the
PCH ... Music Video Flow

They are complete With Build-it Video tutorial ...
So Download them and watch the tutorials before You even set it up ....

Media Flow Forum

You can also See screen shot and videos on my website :

Media Flow Website

Enjoy ....

Michael T.