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MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - Omertron - 10-24-2011 02:08 PM

MovieJukebox 2.5.1 was released on 1st November 2011.

Please Note
Due to a bug in the 2.5 release version of YAMJ, it is strongly advised to update to this version now.

The latest release of YAMJ is now available, with lots of enhancements and fixes please head on over to the download site here to grab the latest version.

Please follow the usual advice on upgrading and overwrite your current YAMJ directory, it is important delete the lib folder before you do this.

If you use any of the default skins (as provided in the zip file) it is very important that you delete the existing skin folders before unpacking this zip file

This is important and will save you lots of pain later when things don't work. People will only laugh and point at you when you ask why it doesn't work. Thanks.

First time Recheck
When you upgrade, YAMJ will automatically recheck your movies to ensure they are correct and the Jukebox files have all been updated. This will inevitably slow down your first run of YAMJ after the upgrade. It is important that you let this process complete.

Please Note
If you are installing from scratch, and you want to overwrite/change the settings, then you can copy the example file from the properties folder to your root folder and then copy the appropriate line from the default file (properties\ and place it in your file.

Special Myihome Note
If you use myihome you will need to ensure there is a blank file in your plugin directory or Myihome will not recognise the new version of YAMJ. You can copy the one that is in the properties folder.

* Enhancement #29 Allow a skin to mark a video as watched or unwatched
* Enhancement #258 Anidb plugin development
* Enhancement #314 Sort title option in NFO
* Enhancement #367 Add Rating index
* Enhancement #828 Save airing information from TheTVDb
* Enhancement #906 Allow use of Rotten Tomatoes ratings
* Enhancement #954 Better handling of regional releases
* Enhancement #1236 Add Sets category on Other
* Enhancement #1314 Refactor Trailer code to be able to search multiple trailer sites
* Enhancement #1471 Request to use "indexing.character.replacement" when sorting movies
* Enhancement #1558 Use audio/language info from episode NFOs
* Enhancement #1697 Use sort order for 'Other' category from category.xml config file
* Enhancement #1723 Option to remove TV Shows from Sets in category listings
* Enhancement #1733 Option to use alternate plugin to extract information not found using the first plugin
* Enhancement #1853 Multiple index pages
* Enhancement #1856 originalTitle functionality
* Enhancement #1882 Separate index files for each category
* Enhancement #1895 AniDbPlugin caches Anime information
* Enhancement #1897 Cast enhancement
* Enhancement #1900 Functionality of the KinopoiskPlugin
* Enhancement #1901 Support for Awards
* Enhancement #1903 Support for 3D movie file naming
* Enhancement #1908 Sort movies without using SortTitle (in case of accented characters)
* Enhancement #1937 Overlay configuration XML
* Enhancement #1938 Add option to disable watched scanner
* Enhancement #1960 Option to specify which field to use for the sorting of titles on the index pages
* Enhancement #1969 Add option to disable RSS.xml and CompleteMovies.XML generation
* Enhancement #1981 Improve round corner quality / add image stretching
* Enhancement #1991 Add aired info to episode nfo (first aired, airs after season, airs before season, airs before episode)
* Enhancement #1994 Option to put Season 0 after all seasons
* Enhancement #1995 Additional TV Show information: ReleaseDate & Show Status populated
* Enhancement #2001 Include baseFilename in XML when mjb.fullMovieInfoInIndexes=false
* Enhancement #2012 Financial information about movie
* Enhancement #2013 Add trivia to the movie information
* Enhancement #2022 Get tagline from IMDB
* Enhancement #2028 Prefer higher quality artwork from TheTVDb
* Enhancement #2032 Option to disable up-scaling of fanart
* Enhancement #2033 Add 3D category
* Enhancement #2037 Allow skin makers to display information about their skin
* Enhancement #2080 OverlayXML company and country parameters
* Enhancement #2085 New FPS tag in NFO file
* Enhancement #2097 New index category Ratings
* Enhancement #2108 Option to disable use of URL entries in NFO files
* Enhancement #2124 URL from NFO define movie scanner plugin
* Enhancement #2132 Trailer plugin for
 * Enhancement  #2152 OverlayXML can use value of any YAMJ variable
 * Enhancement  #2155 Subcategory "SETS" is missing in file categories-default.xml
 * Enhancement  #2157 Recheck for missing ratings

Fixed Defects
* Fixed defect #1816 dummy_videoimage wont be created
* Fixed defect #1886 HTML indexes recreated every time fixed
* Fixed defect #1896 AniDbPlugin falls back to Romaji title if no English title exists
* Fixed defect #1902 Bad file found BD Scanner (Ignore none MTS & M2TS files in bluray folders)
* Fixed defect #1907 Awards will not be downloaded if is set other than default
* Fixed defect #1912 Issue with curly brackets and parenthesis' in filename in ImdbPlugin
* Fixed defect #1913 Issue with SortTitle when using title
* Fixed defect #1918 Watched category not updated
* Fixed defect #1922 Categories files deleted from jukebox after cleanup
* Fixed defect #1929 Sratim plug in does not generate movie names
* Fixed defect #1936 Watched/Unwatched/New categories are not updated when file is marked as watched
* Fixed defect #1940 Anidbplugin fails to lookup non-cached animes
* Fixed defect #1942 TV episodes with a digit first in episode name fail title detection
* Fixed defect #1949 Changing the watched status should overwrite the artwork
* Fixed defect #1950 sorttitle displays the basefile name
* Fixed defect #1951 Incorrect work of Explode Set
* Fixed defect #1954 Only 1 actor read from NFO file
* Fixed defect #1961 IMDB and direct to video movie titles
* Fixed defect #1966 New Category always empty when watched scanner is disabled
* Fixed defect #1970 Movie index does not contain "other" categories
* Fixed defect #1972 All movie sets deleted from library (r2494)
* Fixed defect #1978 Sorting strip prefixes not applied to sort title
* Fixed defect #1986 Incorrect search by year
* Fixed defect #1989 New categories not updated
* Fixed defect #1993 Index encoded name
* Fixed defect #1996 Incorrect rating in the search using NFO (Kinopoisk)
* Fixed defect #1997 Multi-Part BluRay disks are not recognised
* Fixed defect #1998 Incorrect score from Rotten Tomatoes
* Fixed defect #1999 IMDB outlines end with "See Full Summary"
* Fixed defect #2000 Watched File for BDMV is not recognized
* Fixed defect #2002 Set movies not sorted when mjb.categories.explodeSet is used
* Fixed defect #2004 Movies with more than 1 director or writer, only the first is saved
* Fixed defect #2015 New AKA in people's XML every time rerun YAMJ
* Fixed defect #2021 Error with Business function
* Fixed defect #2024 mjb.categories.minCount.Director not working
* Fixed defect #2036 fanart.upscale causes local fanart to be ignored.
* Fixed defect #2038 Error scraper person when
* Fixed defect #2041 UNKNOWN value, after rescanning in the filmography
* Fixed defect #2043 Library in category index not update when movies is moved to other library
* Fixed defect #2045 WatchedScanner (skin CGI) incorrectly names the watched file
* Fixed defect #2051 Fixed issue with TheTVDb returning null series
* Fixed defect #2054 mjb.categories.minCount not working
* Fixed defect #2056 TV Shows can't be independently marked watched/unwatched
* Fixed defect #2058 Fixed NumberFormatException when parsing IMDB score for international number formats
* Fixed defect #2065 Skin style sheets need to include .HTML extension when inserting $mjb.homePage variable
* Fixed defect #2066 Overlays for multiple imagetypes are applied for all imagetypes
* Fixed defect #2067 Overlay XML audiochannels compares to wrong data
* Fixed defect #2068 Overlay XML improved data comparisons
* Fixed defect #2074 IMDB rating not working
* Fixed defect #2077 Rewrite all file each time (detection of changes in SETs)
* Fixed defect #2081 Ratings file is marked as always changed
* Fixed defect #2084 Multiple Audio channels break MovieListingPluginSql INSERT to DB
* Fixed defect #2087 Rating different when scraping and from NFO
* Fixed defect #2091 TV Shows NFO set order not respected
* Fixed defect #2098 SET when creating the information taken from the first movie in SET order
* Fixed defect #2100 In personal information doesn't update removed items
* Fixed defect #2101 Java error for sets with no order
* Fixed defect #2102 SubBaba plugin returning DVD covers
* Fixed defect #2106 Wrong naming for people image file
* Fixed defect #2107 Overlay XML is not applied to the banners
* Fixed defect #2109 Explode Set by items of category Other
* Fixed defect #2112 Failed grab multiFPS value
* Fixed defect #2126 ComingSoon plugin code refactoring
* Fixed defect #2127 Recheck and Top250 not updating
* Fixed defect #2128 Out a large amount of error codes while scanning
 * Fixed defect #2064 Overlay misplaced when mjb.MaxThreadsProcess > 1
 * Fixed defect #2114 Categories order is case-sensitive and use sorting.strip.prefixes
 * Fixed defect #2134 MovieDB DOM parser error
 * Fixed defect #2143 Director and writer scraper doesn't work for more persons behind the IMDB link "and xx more credit"
 * Fixed defect #2146 All plugins run when not enabled
 * Fixed defect #2147 Watched Scanner looks for S01E01 for every file
 * Fixed defect #2150 mjb.nbTvThumbnailsPerPage value isn't taken to split XML when category is renamed
* Fixed defect #2153 Remove New categories if they are empty
* Fixed defect #2159 Videos that have been rechecked are never saved

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RE: MovieJukebox v2.5 Released - chris57 - 10-24-2011 03:21 PM

Nice list of fixes/enhancements there, great to see.

I used YAMJ a long time ago, back in A100 days. Liked it but got into NMJ testing with the 200 series. Thinking seriously of YAMJ+Eversion for the 300 series. Will definately go for it if there's no amalgamation of jukebox shares on NMJv2.

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5 Released - usernamesSux - 10-25-2011 07:05 PM

Enhancement #1558 Use audio/language info from episode NFOs

Does this mean we can have a Category named language?

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5 Released - accident - 10-25-2011 07:11 PM

no, it means you can add that info to nfo files.

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5 Released - usernamesSux - 10-25-2011 07:48 PM

Thanks, I did add the new Ratings category, and it works great. Thanks for that, and all of the other enhancements

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5 Released - BanditRider - 10-26-2011 01:44 AM

R2723 working fine for me on Fedora 14.

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5 Released - Auggie - 10-26-2011 11:18 PM

I just want to confirm that the new skin properties of "thumbnails.watched", "posters.watched", "banners.watched" and "videoimages.watched" that would impose a special "watched" icon overlaid onto the specified images are not yet implemented, no?

I enabled these flags on the YAMJ "default" skin with the requisite "enable watched scanner" in the, but I could not discern any new "icon" added to the images.

Investigating the "default" skin folder did not reveal any new picture icon files that would represent a "watched" icon....

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - Omertron - 11-01-2011 10:14 PM

Please note the version has been updated to v2.5.1 to fix an issue with the rescan of the changed versions

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - steve_guitar - 12-11-2011 08:07 PM

hello. can you help me?
watched installer is only for internal hard disk. can i install it for usb drives?
thank you

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - Omertron - 12-12-2011 10:39 AM

Yes, it should work fine for USB drives

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - mithrilG60 - 01-19-2012 08:21 AM

Ever since I updated to this latest version it appear that fanart scrapping is failing for new movies (but not TV series) causing it to default to the dummy fanart. Any thoughts on a reason for this? Is there a new setting or config switch I need to enable/disable? Thanks!

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - Omertron - 01-19-2012 10:29 AM

It depends on a lot of factors. You are best opening a new thread with your information on your setup.

However, as general guidelines, make sure you are using the latest version of your skin, check to see that you only have the absolute required properties in your properties file and that the doesn't overwrite them

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - mithrilG60 - 01-19-2012 10:35 PM

The skin is AiO_SabishGT and he hasn't updated that skin since May so it's at the current highest version. I was using the current YAMJ version however any net new or rechecks was throwing Java errors and failing to parse IMDb data so that's most likely the cause. I reverted back to YAMJ v2.4-r2251 and it went back to normal and is creating/assigning fanart as expected now.

This is a sample of the Java errors I'm seeing with 2.5.1 in case it's of interest:
Recheck of 12 Monkeys (1995) required
Failed retreiving IMDb data for movie : tt0114746
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -38
        at java.lang.String.substring(
        at com.moviejukebox.plugin.ImdbPlugin.updateInfoNew(
        at com.moviejukebox.plugin.ImdbPlugin.updateImdbMediaInfo(
        at com.moviejukebox.plugin.ImdbPlugin.scan(
        at com.moviejukebox.plugin.DatabasePluginController.scan(DatabasePluginController.j​ava:103)
        at com.moviejukebox.MovieJukebox.updateMovieData(
        at com.moviejukebox.MovieJukebox$
        at com.moviejukebox.MovieJukebox$
        at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

Video '12 Monkeys (1995)' was not able to be scanned using the current plugins

Occurs for every net new movie or for rechecks, obviously does not affect movies skipped on checking.

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - mithrilG60 - 01-20-2012 09:31 AM

Switched the movie plugin to TheMovieDB and that seems to have resolved the issue.

RE: MovieJukebox v2.5.1 Released - Omertron - 01-20-2012 02:43 PM

Update to the latest (r2896+) revision from here: