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[TOOL] [04/07/2012] YAMJ Setup (UPDATES)
01-02-2012, 10:01 PM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2012 03:14 PM by ma84.)
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[04/07/2012] YAMJ Setup (UPDATES)
Hi all,

You promised and you have waited ...

YAMJ packs with or without options are now available for download.

[Image: Yamj-pack.jpg]

As expected, we have prepared several packages with different options so you can choose the one that seems closest to your wishes.

These packs will simplify your installation and setup YAMJ. Of course, it is always possible to make changes "home" ...

A series of documents will now be prepared to understand the function of different software and settings possible in YAMJ. If you have no experience in this area, I invite you to wait and use the packs as they are configured.

YAMJ to-date as of 01/02/2012 with version 2.6 r2871 ...

To be sure the inclusion of updates, I ask you to remove your Jukebox directory to start from scratch. Same for your YAMJ folder, deleted it before installing a pack ...

The different packs:

1 * YAMJ basic:

In English

This pack is the basic version of YAMJ (display and search English )

Skin in HTML


[Image: yamj-en-p.jpg]


In French

This pack is the basic version of YAMJ (display and search French )

Skin in HTML


[Image: yamj-fr-p.jpg]

2 * YAMJ - Eversion:

This pack includes YAMJ (FR) and the option Eversion (FR)

Also available in English!!

Skin in Flash

Showing Movies:

[Image: wall.poster.full.jpg]

[Image: movie3.jpg]

Viewing TV shows:

[Image: wall.banner.summary2.jpg]

* 3 YAMJ - TerraNova:

This pack includes YAMJ (FR) with the option Eversion (FR). Eversion is equipped with the option Terranova (skin - change display)

Skin in Flash


[Image: terranova3.jpg]

[Image: terranova2.jpg]

[Image: terranova4-p.jpg]

[Image: weather-p.jpg]

* 4 YAMJ - People:

This pack includes all version 4 + the addition of Peoples Research (actors, directors and scénarites). Ability to display a list of feature film actor, director, price (Oscar, Cesar ,...).

Skin in Flash


[Image: terranova-people-p.jpg]

* 5 YAMJ - Trailers

This pack includes all version 5 + the addition of the optional trailer. YAMJ in the analysis will create an nfo with the web address where is stored the trailer. The ability to run trailers for the film.

Skin in Flash


[Image: terranova-trailers-p.jpg]

6* YAMJ - EvZap 1.1 :

This pack includes YAMJ (in FR) avec l'option EvZap! (in FR)

Also available in English!!

Skin in Flash

4 Home menu available and customizable

[Image: evZap1-p.jpg]

[Image: evZap1-1-p.jpg]

[Image: evZap2-p.jpg]

[Image: evZap3-p.jpg]

[Image: evZap4-p.jpg]

[Image: evZap5-p.jpg]

[Image: evZap6-p.jpg]

7* YAMJ - EvZap 1.1 + People :

This pack includes YAMJ (in FR) with option evZap! (in FR) and People

Also available in English!!

Skin in Flash

[Image: evZap-people-p.jpg]

All packs are available in 32 or 64 bit Microsoft. The installation does not follow the same procedure ...

Download Page:

Link to download a pack: Packs Popcourn Hour France

Support and thanks:

You can use this topic for any support request, or to create new package ...

Do not hesitate to thank the whole team (especially Jluc2808) that during the holiday season you have prepared these packs ...

And thank you to Popa110 and JFCus for their support ...

Good download and good Moviejukebox ...

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