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Setup Windows 2008 NFS for Streaming with A-100 - Guide
07-17-2008, 09:17 AM
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Setup Windows 2008 NFS for Streaming with A-100 - Guide
Ok, after using SMB streaming from my Windows 2008 server, I decided to look at setting up NFS and hopefully gain some performance benefits.

To save you scrolling to the bottom of this guide. Here are the gains I have discovered using Windows 2008 NFS over Windows 2008 SMB.

- HD (1920x800) MKV files start playing in 1 second using NFS, they took up to 10 seconds to start using SMB
- HD (1920x800) MKV files seek again in about 1 second using NFS, they took up to 6-7 seconds when using SMB and usually the audio would start before the picture.
- I had a few DVD ISO images, which would audio stutter when played over SMB streaming (most DVD's where fine). The stuttering has disappeared from these 'few' DVD's when using NFS

My Windows 2008 NFS / SMB server is Gigabit (1000MB) attached into a NetGear 5 port switch. Jumbo Frames are disabled. The A-100 is attached into the same switch at 100MB

OK. Here's what I did to get NFS working on Windows 2008 Server.

1. Install NFS Services.
The NFS service is a service role under the File Server role that can be found in System Manager (Roles).
2. Install Identity Management for UNIX
The IDM for Unix again is a service role under AD Directory Services role that can be found in System Manager. This service is needed to map Unix accounts to AD accounts.

A reboot is required after installing the above services.

Upon re-start
Create an AD Global group on 2008 (like "UnixGroup" names aren't important but they should be one word). Give this group a GID of 0 and change the NIS Server domain to your domain name.

In your AD user account you wish to use, go to UNIX Attributes tab and there type 0 for the uid, select your domain from the NIS primary domain list and pick the group created above to be your Primary group.

This effectivly, links the Linux root account on the A-100 to your AD account, so the A-100 can browse the filesystem over NFS.

Next you need to configure NFS Server on 2008. Go to Administrative Tools > Services for NFS. Right-click "Services for NFS" and Properties. Here, check that for the user mapping, we use an AD Domain, and put in there the domain of your Windows Server.

Note: If your Windows Server isn't a Domain Controller, you're also presented with the option of using a "User Name Mapping" server. I believe this tool is provided free by Microsoft (check the internet), and acts a server which holds the uid and gid and you manually correllate them with Windows users.

Next, we need to export NFS shares. Go to a NTFS folder you wish to share. Go to Properties and you'll find a brand new NFS Sharing tab. Click it to define the share name (give the same as the folder name), and machine permissions.

Voila, you can now mount this NFS share using your A-100.
in the URL field enter


User Name and Password should be your AD username and password that we linked to the UID and GID of 0 above.

Please note that NFS shares are case sensitive.

If your NFS share is called Movies then it must have a capital M, when defining it on the A-100.

Hope this helps.

Popcorn A-100
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