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If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
12-14-2008, 05:46 AM
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Question If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
First off, I'd like to say: HI! Also, PCH rocks out with its... well it ROCKS!! Now on to business - and let me preface this by saying, "I have read, and am fully aware of the pre-order shipping status update page, it's contents, and their implications. Despite the thread subject, I know that I won't get an answer to that question and that hoping for one is quite irrational."

I'd like to get a PCH a-110 delivered to my house before christmas (so I can set it up, and wrap it up in time for the holidays), but I don't have enough information to formulate an acceptable guesstimation! Here's what I have so far:

Judging from the fact that the december 11/12 shipment consists of orders placed between december 1-7, an optimistic delivery window should be 5-11 (min-max) days before shipping. This figure can't get any better, in my opinion, considering the holiday season (and the best media device on the market) - so my only hope is to get very lucky and order tomorrow and hopefully get on the 18th-DEC shipment!

After this, however, I'd like to know how long it took others out there to get their hands on their PCH's after it was delivered. I'm in Queens, New York, USA - so if any users in the same city/state/country could give me some feedback I'd appreciate it greatly. I hope Ican find out just how much of a longshot receiving one within 11 days from now would be, so can anyone out there tell me the length between shipping and delivery for their PCH?
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12-14-2008, 10:41 AM
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RE: If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
Some USA users report very quick delivery once shipped, 2 days in total to uSA is not uncommon.

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12-15-2008, 06:23 AM
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RE: If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
SWEET! Thanks for the info!! That's like music to my ears! That means that if I get into the DEC18 shipment list, there's a good chance I get my hands on a PCH with enough time to set it up!

Unfortunately, a series of (disastrous, now that 2days is a possible delivery-time) events forced me to place my order a few hours later than I would have liked to. I just finished, and I hope that doesn't come back to bite me later! Despite all this, I'm still thrilled and just overly excited to (finally) be getting my hands on a PCH of my own. If I get into the 18th's order batch, and get a speedy delivery, I'll be king this Christmas - as a PCH would handily trump anything that's going to be sitting under the tree!
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12-15-2008, 07:25 AM
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RE: If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
My order was in the december 12 batch. Hasnt arrived but it looks like it went through china to the us in less than 2 days. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow afternoon.

I've ordered many things from china before and I've never seen it ship to the US this fast:

12/14/2008 7:03 pm Depart Facility Los Angeles Gateway, CA
4:24 pm Processed at DHL Location. Los Angeles Gateway, CA
3:59 pm Clearance processing complete Los Angeles Gateway, CA
1:26 pm Transit through DHL facility Los Angeles Gateway, CA
1:03 am Depart Facility Hong Kong - Hub, Hong Kong
12:56 am Processed at DHL Location. Hong Kong - Hub, Hong Kong
12/13/2008 2:08 pm Processed at DHL Location. Hong Kong - Hub, Hong Kong
2:06 pm Transit through DHL facility Hong Kong - Hub, Hong Kong
10:03 am Depart Facility Shenzhen, China, People's Republic
9:59 am Processed at DHL Location. Shenzhen, China, People's Republic
8:50 am Transit through DHL facility Shenzhen, China, People's Republic
1:10 am Departing origin. Shenzhen, China, People's Republic
12/12/2008 11:19 pm Shipment picked up Shenzhen, China, People's Republic
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12-15-2008, 07:58 AM
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RE: If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
OMG! I'm IN!!!!

Christmas came quite early for me, I just checked me account and my card was charged! I've got to be just about the last person on the list! Wow, I usually have bad luck with christmas presents (last year's batch didn't arrive until mid-january) but things are looking SWEET!

pokekevin, I hope my order moves as fast as yours! 2 days from China to the US is a noteworthy feat all things considered (like the shipping cost - only a total $20 more for me, ridiculous NYC e-taxes included). I've got 6 days before showtime, and I know that the holiday season puts a heavy strain on delivery serviced - but (without jynxing it, fingers crossed) I think I'll be able to get my grubby mitts on a PCH for christmas!
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12-15-2008, 08:26 AM
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RE: If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
Ah congrats! I was so scared my card wouldn't be charged. Mastercard sent me a new card out of the blue and all my other transactions with the old card was invalid.

Im sure the device will get to you right on timeSmile

On another fiance hasn't been to happy with me...been walking around the house grumpy since my device hasn't come... DodgyDodgyconfused
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12-17-2008, 02:37 AM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2008 02:38 AM by frimilden.)
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RE: If I order now, will I get it by Christmas?!
I received mine in 2 days. Detroit, Michigan. 5th December Batch.
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