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PCH Technical Support
02-08-2010, 11:31 PM
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RE: PCH Technical Support
Hey everyone, a recent PM directed my attention to this thread. It's good to see that some of you are commenting even recently. As far as bug reports, if you look under the 200 section you'll see the Bugs / Features area. This is where all bugs should be reported right now. We are compiling lists from those threads so keep up the good work folks! Link is here:

I did read some people comment on the lack of updates during the process. We generally don't put updates when we're short on products and are awaiting new stock because that could take quite a bit of time that we use elsewhere, but point taken. We'll give it a shot in the future and see how well it fares.

As some people may know, the actual processing time right now is about a week. It doesn't take us an entire week to test everyone's RMA, it's just that we have had a fairly large increase in RMA with the C-200 being recently launched as well as still supporting the other models. We haven't received any A-200 RMA yet, but I have a feeling we'll see some eventually. Not sure how many of you are going through the RMA process now, but I did a quick writeup with some info on what goes on here at the office with your RMA.

You can view the thread here:

Project Manager
Syabas Technology Inc. - US Office
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03-02-2010, 12:36 AM
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RE: PCH Technical Support
Just to put in my $0.02 on this:

I had an issue with my PCH (wouldn't turn on) and I submitted a web-ticket a few hours after I did my own basic troubleshooting. Normally I don't mind web-based help systems as the ones I've worked with are quite responsive.

Unfortunately, in my case (#7516), it seems that my message either slipped under the radar or it was a holiday. I put in the ticket on the 2nd of February, 2pm or so, and hadn't gotten a reply by the 8th. I put a little note into my ticket to see if anyone had seen it, and then a few hours later, called in and asked about it. The tech there said he'd send a note over, and the next day I had a response.
The following responses were fairly quick, within a day or so each.

My RMA was issued on the 11th, I overnighted my return there the same day, so it arrived on the 12th, and was finally shipped out on the 26th. I agree with a previous poster that some more info would be helpful, instead of hoping that "something" is being done, and that my unit didn't just get lost somewhere. I did call support a couple times and asked what the status was, and every time I called, they were very helpful and kind, definitely happy with that part.

So overall, from my first inquiry to receiving my repaired unit was about 30 days. Not sure how that stacks up to the usual process time for an RMA, to me it seems a bit longer than usual, though I'll forgive some of that due to an issue with the ticket being not read for awhile, and I think the tech mentioned something about waiting for boards to come in.

The only thing that had me somewhat nervous was the long wait on the reply from the initial ticket, since the warranty was due to expire the 26th. Didn't want to get into a situation where a diagnosis and repair put me outside of that period.

Anyway, just my experience.
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03-04-2010, 09:55 AM
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RE: PCH Technical Support
Support via the forums is very good. The official support via the Malaysian Syabas support team has been woeful. Long delays in some replies and I have the distinct feeling they have no idea about the equipment. They have offered virtually no help or suggestions on ways to tackle my unstable C-200. Only help I have received has been via the forums with ordinary users like myself and the admins.

So, in the above poll I voted "Bad", but that just refers to the official support channels which, if it's not an RMA you're after, are completely useless and a waste of time contacting.
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03-04-2010, 10:15 AM (This post was last modified: 03-04-2010 10:18 AM by Bazrah.)
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RE: PCH Technical Support
My experience with support was quite frustrating. You are quite right in the first instance that a 24 hour delay between each side of a conversation can get old really quickly.

Unfortunately in my instance this was compounded by responses from support which showed that they had not actually read my detailed information about the steps I had taken to try and rectify the issues myself (ably helped by the community in the forum).

For example, I had stated that I had no video output or network access - the response from support was to reset to factory settings. Here's the excerpt from the case - these are the first 3 entries on the ticket, the first two from me.

Quote:ME: I have been using the A-200 fine for a few days. Yesterday I got an error saying it couldn't access the hdd (which it had formatted). After rebooting it was fine. Then it said that the USB was connected to a PC (which it wasn't) and then restricted the access to the hdd. Then it said the PC was disconnected (it did this several times). It worked okay after that. Today I turned it on and got no video. I used the TVmode 0 method to change the video output with no success. I changed from hdmi to component and tried again. No change. I tried to ping the A-200 on the network but got no reply. The white LED was working on the front. The only way it would power down was a full power-off (holding power for 4 seconds). I removed the hdd and tried again - still no video or network access. I renamed the latest firmware to recovery-image.bin, put that on a flash drive in the front, powered up (with only the HDMI connection and no others) but the A-200 did not access the flash drive. I retried with component connection/no connection/with and without network cable still with no luck. The online WIKI does not show the recovery procedure for the A-200 so I did not attempt to use any jumpers. Please advise the next step.

I've followed the recovery procedure by renaming the latest A-200 firmware to recovery-image.bin and rebooting with the usb flash pen in. The A-200 makes no attempt to read the flash pen (it has amn activity light on it). I've also added a jumper to the third row of pins as per the C-200 recvoery procedure but with the same result.

SUPPORT: Can you reset to factory setting reboot again? Can the boot up logo able to appear?

Not the most verbose response and shows a total lack of either a) understanding or b) interest. After my detailed information and the time and effort I put in to try and fix a piece of equipment I'd only had for 6 days I would expect more from Support.

They then asked my to perform a firmware update even though my initial ticket stated I'd tried a firmware update and firmware recovery using a jumper already. Each response took 24 hours each way.

All in all I spent 7 days going through this when if they had read my initial post they would have come to the decision to RMA much quicker. I just got the feeling that they were either not reading my post, or stalling for time.

I won't get into the fact that I first raised the ticket a month ago and the RMA center have ackowledged the receipt of my board but nothing more as this thread is about support, but I'm sure you can appreciate that from a User point of view RMA is part of support.

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03-04-2010, 12:40 PM
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RE: PCH Technical Support
I have posted a question here but nobody seem to bother to answer the same.

Samsung 46" Full HD LCD || Sony HT-DDW885 6.1 975W RMS Component Home Theatre || Sony PS2 || Logitech Driving Force Pro || PCH A-200 -WN-150- WD15EARS & WD20EARS & WD 400 GB Ext || Nikon D-90 18-105 mm || Panasonic Lumix - TZ7
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03-04-2010, 10:53 PM
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RE: PCH Technical Support
One of my C200's camre with a bad Motherboard - it took a month from starting a support ticket online - getting them the board, them testing the board, then shipping that board back out to me, not including the time to ship to my location.

2 week turn around from the time they received it, tested/replaced until shipping the replacement to me.
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03-24-2010, 06:28 PM
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RE: PCH Technical Support
After the initial part of getting the RMA things seem to be going well. I sent my A200 mobo on the 17th. They updated my RMA with them saying they received it 19th. Now today the 24th its been switched to processing...
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06-16-2010, 03:50 PM
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RE: PCH Technical Support
new case submitted today for RMA (#9512).. i ´ll let you know my experience... confused
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