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What bitrate to use for 1080p
10-11-2009, 06:02 PM
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What bitrate to use for 1080p
Im new to popcorn or even NMT's. ive been sitting and trying to enconde some of my BD movies with ripbot. works like a charm but i was woundering how high bitrate do i need for 1080p24 movies? want realy good quality but not extreamly huge files either so i want the "optimum" bitrate for 1080p and even 720p bitrate suggestions (for cartoon movies)

will display on my Pioneer Kuro 5090 (50") and maybe an 1080p projector in the near future.
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10-11-2009, 06:10 PM
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RE: What bitrate to use for 1080p
Some will tell you not to touch the bitrate. Remove the audio & subtitles you don't need and keep the video 1:1.

If you are going to re-encode to a lower bitrate, it's kind of something you decide on. The larger the TV the higher the bitrate needed. Make some re-encodes at different bitrates and see where you can detect a less quality picture.
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10-11-2009, 06:14 PM
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RE: What bitrate to use for 1080p
I use CQ 21.5... It's only one pass but better quality then "single pass". The only downside is that you don't know the final bitrate or filesize.
I read somewhere that optimal values of cq were something between 18-21.5 (the higher the "lower" the quality). The guide also said that hd material can get away with higher values without noticeable quality difference, so after some testing i chose 21.5...

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10-11-2009, 06:29 PM
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RE: What bitrate to use for 1080p
Well, it's really up to you and the content of the movie. You've mentioned cartoons as well, which will compress very well.

I've seen encodes (Rambo 2008 1080p) go as high as 18 Mbps, whereas cartoons (Hoodwinked! 720p) go as low as 3 Mbps.

For 1080p, I see bitrates mostly around 10 Mbps. 1080p animations can go lower than that -- I have The Simpsons Movie 720p at around 8 Mbps.

Like I said, I've seen animated 720p movies (Hoodwinked! 720p) go as low as 3 Mbps, and regular 720p movies go as high as around 8 Mbps.

Certain "rules" will base these bitrates on DVD-media size, should you ever want to back up to disk media. Whichever bitrate calculator you're using, you can size it for DVD5, 1.5xDVD5, and DVD9, or any multiples, like 2xDVD5, 3xDVD5, 2xDVD9, 3xDVD9. See what the calculated bitrates are and judge for yourself it it'll be high enough for the content of that movie.

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