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[Release] NMJToolbox - A Windows editor for the NMJ (Updated 15/10/2012 v1.0.4.6)
01-03-2011, 07:01 PM
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RE: NMJToolbox - A Windows editor for the NMJ (Updated 03/01/11 v1.0.2.3)
I haven't had a chance to have a go on the latest version (thanks Rom), I have reported all the issues which stop me adding movies. The previous version has let me add all my remaining dvds and the latest fix should allow me to add my remaining BluRays. I am missing Director and Cast but can live without for now. Would love to add later though.

Using NMJ Update or rescan often failed or took too long. I have stopped using this version, perhaps if V2 is a lot better, when its available then I may switch back. For now I could not be without NMJToolbox. I have over 500+ DVDs and a small number of BluRays. NMJ just took forever and failed regularly. I find that nfo's help speed up NMJ update. Rescan I stay away from, would love to have both Update and Rescan password protected as Ive seen else where here. Thats a key one for the NMJ V2.

I add the artwork and change the Certificate to US as the Parental Guidance filter only works with US for now. I would love it to work with UK ratings, but for now I can live with US.

I do have an issue with TV Shows due to file format, but this could be due to the fact that I have not stuck with the NMJ filename rules. I built them before I new the rules. I also have complete DVDs copied so switching to episode views will not be straight forward.

Rom do you care about the NMJ filename rules for TV Episodes or can I ignore these? If you would like I can post the error info?

Looking forward to using the latest. Thanks again Rom.

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