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Question re setting up torr4nt for C200
11-16-2010, 12:00 PM
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Question re setting up torr4nt for C200
Hi all,

Could someone help clarify the process for downloading torrents to the C200 please. I know how to using my PC. I've connected to the NMT via the browser.

Step 2+3 in the manual mentions browsing to a torrent I downloaded to the pc earlier. To me this reads that I have to dl the full torrent to my dads PC before I then upload to the NMT. This may be an incorrect interpretation on my part. Can you clarify what this means please. Surely this is no different to copying the file from the pc to the C200 wirelessly once its downloaded.

I thought I'd be able to browse to a torrent on the web and select download to the NMT. Utorrent is installed on the PC, so I tried changing the destination to the NMT's drive, but it crashes. I've downloading the Transmission torrent app, but it won't accept any host name I enter when trying to configure. Can someone tell me what the host name is? I've tried entering the c200 ip, but it keeps returning an error.

Thanks for your time.
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11-19-2010, 04:59 PM (This post was last modified: 11-19-2010 05:00 PM by tinyhands.)
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RE: Question re setting up torr4nt for C200
"browsing to a torrent you downloaded" means the .torrent file, not the files within the torrent. You're right that it wouldn't give you any advantage if you had to download the entire torrent to your PC, then copy them over to the NMT, although you can certainly do this as well. It is not necessary to download the .torrent file though, as the option to cut & paste a URL that points to that file will do the same thing.

I'm not honestly sure how the 200-series works, but on my 100/110-series box, I upgraded the built-in transmission client via CSI, then installed transmission-remote-dotnet (TRD) on my PC. TRD can associate .torrent files (no longer associated with uTorrent) and sends them over to the NMT whenever I click to download a torrent that I've found at isohunt (for example). TRD is just a window that shows me what the client running on my NMT is doing. In this manner, I can continue downloading (as well as seeding) when the PC is not running, as long as the NMT is still on (using a lot less electricity, I might add).

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