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[200] GAYA Developers meet AJAX
01-18-2011, 01:13 PM
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GAYA Developers meet AJAX
I have been working a framework to ease the development of gaya based apps, in the hope of removing the ugly and time consuming bits. Bought about by starting a jukebox, thought stuff it, YAMJ works (love it), but got hooked and kept attacking gaya.

Part of the process was to kill off the static nature of page loading to get new data, movies, music, photo whatever.

During the process of working with data I have found it possible to dynamically load data, more to the point... data can be XML, so AJAX like loading works.

Example 1: the popapi aka davidbox api can be used and you can check the result returned.
Example 2: Load data from the NMJ db (with/without API);
Example 3: Load xml data from an RSS feed, say weather, but display as an app not a feed, page thru user defined city list for example.
Example 4: Load delimited data like a playlst file, one or more and combine.

Get the idea?

As a gaya developer, you probably know this snippet...

Framework version...
$.css('#mydiv .somestyle', 'visibility', 'hidden');  <--- would change both

There's more, of course...

But the question is, is it to late, will flash takeover, is there still enough interest in gaya?

Appreciate any input, and yes I can provide an AJAX based demo, simple but shows it works.

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01-18-2011, 01:27 PM
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RE: GAYA Developers meet AJAX
While I encourage both ways, I particularly hope and think there is still interest in the Gaya interface. It's a more "free"/open framework, both in terms of ease of code sharing and IDE - as opposed to needing an Adobe license for making Flash apps. I personally rather work with html/php/AJAX/shellscripts, but that's me.

Any demo/sample/framework documentation from you and others that have explored the world of Gaya would be much appreciated, the Wiki has some but is far from full coverage.

I have a couple of half-baked projects that I would like finish with a better and cleaner interface (for example feeds with my electrical energy spot price charts/tables, a PHP subtitle scraper, a local weather feed etc. etc.)

Now, if we could get that webkit browser vaidyasr packaged better integrated... Big Grin

Audio, video, disco - I hear, I see, I learn.
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01-18-2011, 01:45 PM (This post was last modified: 01-18-2011 01:49 PM by accident.)
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RE: GAYA Developers meet AJAX
It's hard call.. full on browsers are easy to add to any sigma chip with an open gl core (it exists, you just license it even in the sdk from sigma for those chips.).. 100 and 200s have a few years left before we see them gone for age reasons replaced by the next models which will probably have browsers in them.. Flashlite is discontinued for the most part replaced by the openscreenproject 10.1 version which "runs everywhere". so flash people will need to port to 10.1 at some point which starts with yet another really expensive upgrade to flash... Also with flash your just just tossing together some interface, your practically making your own player borrowing the pch hardware.. makes you wonder why your not making a player with all these costs to do it..

If it requires nmt, then I personally would like to see a different interface than gaya being used which supports more.. qt and webkit need to be updated and the install is a little incorrect as it doesn't put in the system vars for keyboard and mouse, etc.. That's also a good direction..

but I don't think your framework is useless.. I can see many people immediately using it, it might encourage those who can to get invovlved in other projects and your framework is upgradeable allowing their code to grow.. and there's no cost to play with it, unlike flash where its damn expensive... the only plus flash offers is you can be in front of a playing video and don't need nmt installed... BUT there is some better than gaya rendering options for html in flash plus a few people who have ported over some javascript and ajax ability to the html rendering.. you could almost make a new gaya in flash giving the best of everything except for 100 series owners.
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