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Blu-Ray Ripping with Multiple Versions of Movie
01-25-2011, 04:47 AM
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Blu-Ray Ripping with Multiple Versions of Movie
When I come across a Blu-ray DVD that has multiple endings or say different versions of the same movie (Director's cut, theatrical version, original version) etc.., I will find the multiple .M2ts files which have been displayed through AnyDVD. Those usually have different languages when played back in the m2ts file, to even include the directors commentary. This is where Handbrake with their presets already built in comes in handy. Handbrake eliminates all the foreign languages or the director's commentary that is in the original .m2ts file.
The only problems I've encountered is when the Blu-ray has those multiple versions on the same disc. Handbrake has NOT eliminated the forced subtitles, director's commentary, or foreign languages which occur after I make them into a .mkv file. This is not a problem on regular Blu-ray Dvds that has just one version of the movie. Strange, isn't it?

King Kong (2005)
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
Clash of the Titans
Angels & Demons
Any suggestions out there?
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01-25-2011, 11:01 AM
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RE: Blu-Ray Ripping with Multiple Versions of Movie
When there are more than one versiob of the film on a disc that means that the film is made up usually of many pls files. Sometimes we are talking as many as 100 pls files.
When you use the actual BD menu to select your version you are then using a playlist which will tell the player which pls files to play and in which order. That is how you can get different endings.

I would suggest that you continue to use AnyDVD HD for films with differing endings as otherwise you would have to have one large MKV for each version of the film. That may take up more Gb's than having the Any DVD 1:1 rip.

When you use Handbrake are you just ripping or are you encoding?

I dont use an encoder on my BluRay backups. I use makeMKV which simply remuxes then bluray into an MKV. That way there is no quality loss that you experience if you encode and compress the filesize down using x264.

BDClown is a good tool to enable you to remove certain tracks but you can yourself remove tracks from an MKV very easily using MKVToolnix's MKVMerge, simply uncheck the tracks you dont want in your final MKV.

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