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[PHOTO]: Solved, show photos ordered by Data Picture Taken
02-03-2011, 02:10 PM
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[PHOTO]: Solved, show photos ordered by Data Picture Taken

As many of you have discovered, when using the internal photoview functionality of the A100 series (maybe other models too, I wouldn't know) it shows the photos ordered by filename, instead of Date Picture Taken. That's all fine because your camera will usually name your photos using a naming scheme where pictures taken earlier have a lower number in the filename than pictures taken later....

until your photos get renamed or
until you put photos from two cameras into one directory.

You cannot influence the PopcornHour's behavior so usually you get the advice to use other software. However, here is another solution that does not involve using other software.

I've written a script that goes through a directory with jpeg photos, for each file, reads the metadata "Date Picture Taken" and renames the file to reflect this date. For instance, a photo taken on 11th of April 2008 at 5 past 1 PM, will be renamed to 200804111305.jpg. This way, sorting the photos by filename will become the same as sorting them by Date Picture.

1. Copy the script below and paste it in notepad on your XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer.
2. Edit the first line where you put the path to the directory of photos concerned.
3. Save the file with a .vbs extension, i.e. ChangePhotoFilenames.vbs.
4. Double click the resulting file to have the script execute.



Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(folder)
Set Fso=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

For Each strFileName in objFolder.Items
If Left(strFileName,2)<>"20" And UCase(Right(strFileName,4))=".JPG" Then 'Else file already done or no jpg file
DateTaken= objFolder.GetDetailsOf(strFileName, 25)
NewFileName= Jaar & Maand & Dag & Uur & Minuut & ".jpg"
If Fso.FileExists(folder+"\"+NewFileName) Then
NewFileName= Jaar & Maand & Dag & Uur & Minuut & "_" & Cstr(i) & ".jpg"
Loop While Fso.FileExists (folder+"\"+NewFileName)
End If
Fso.MoveFile folder+"\"+strFileName, folder+"\"+NewFileName
End If

Function WriteAsTwoDigits(strVariable)
If Len(strVariable)=1 Then
WriteAsTwoDigits= "0"& strVariable
WriteAsTwoDigits= strVariable
End If
End Function
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