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has my pch hour kicked the bucket?
05-14-2011, 03:19 AM
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has my pch hour kicked the bucket?
I have an a100, and until today my setup was working perfectly fine. I had 2 external hds connected to it and it auto booted both drives straight into my movie wall with the aid of yamj. today i go to watch a movie and i seems like my pch is completely buggin out. first off it wasn't accepting any remote commands but ill excuse that cuz that works now but i can't seem to get it to boot with the hds plug in. all it does it freezes with the waiting symbol keep spinning and if i unplug them it boots up. when im on the media source screen if i plug them back in it freezes again. so to make things short i repeated the process over again trying each hd separately using different usb ports and even swapping out the cables till i narrowed the problem down to one of the hds it doesn't seem to be reading and freezes when i plug it in. I plugged both drives to my pc to make sure it hasn't crashed and they both plug and read fine. another side issue i noticed is when i go into the setting screen whether i make changes or not once I hit home to go back to the source screen the pch also freezes with the waiting symbol. I don't know what to make of all this it seems like my hds are fine, yet one of em refuses to be read by the pch it seems strange to me Im noticing the pch behave this weird all at one time. does this mean my pch a100 has finally tapped out?
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05-14-2011, 03:48 AM
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RE: has my pch hour kicked the bucket?
Sounds like an hd problem run chkdisk on it. Even more so if they are ntfs format.
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