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PCH C_200 Stuttering issues
08-31-2011, 08:25 PM
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PCH C_200 Stuttering issues
Hi guys

Im having some stuttering issues when watching video_ts movies streamed from my WHS to my pch c-200 and im hoping maybe you could point out something that i may have missed in my troubleshooting.

First of all the stuttering occurs what appears to be randomly, sometimes in the start a movie but most often after 30 minutes to 1 hour of playtime.
The stuttering im referring to is a kind of fast forward 5-10 frames whilst the sound dissapears. The stuttering usually goes on for the rest of the movie but sometimes takes a break and comes back later on. Ive tested a movie on a HD connected with USB to the PCH and it played without any stuttering so im pretty sure its some kind of network issue.

My setup is this. Acer Easystore H342 WHS, connected to a Buffalo AirStation Nfiniti Wireless-N router with WPA-AES encryption. In my PCH ive installed the MN-200 Popcorn Hour Mini MII PCI Wifi N card for wireless but the stuttering occurs on cable as well. My pch has the latest firmware and are running apps from a 8gb supported kingston USB stick.

Ive installed YAMJ with the æon skin and have about 170 movies PAL format, all video_ts, ripped with anydvd. I use yanfoe for movie data for all my movies if that has any relevance.

This is what ive tried so far:
Installed hanewin NFS on my WHS and running NFS-TCP since i suspected the samba protocol not being fast enough for streaming the movies.
Changed resolution to 1080i 50hz since i read that 1080p can have some issues and 50hz for PAL format. Frame sync is set to off.
Using a static ip.
Changed HDMI cable.
I had a 2'5 hdd installed initially but removed it because i suspected overheating, also the PCH has good room for ventilation.

After my trouble shooting im suspecting that i may have to buy a gigabit router to achieve what im looking for but maybe theres something i missed. Any thoughts is much appreciated :-)

Best Regards Rafael
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09-09-2011, 02:31 PM
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RE: PCH C_200 Stuttering issues
After some additional research i found the cause for the stuttering, so if anyone else out there is having similar issues, be sure to read on...
Since the stuttering was appearing on a cabled connection, the network connection could be ruled out as a reason for the stutter. Also the settings on my PCH-200 is similar to whats recommened in the forums in general so i started looking at my WHS instead. It seemed that whenever the stutter appeared the CPU usage on the WHS would go up at the same time, mainly due to a process called demigrator.exe. So i found and followed this guide
Stuttering was ALMOST gone. Afterwards ive uninstalled my mcafee antivirus as well since im not using my WHS directly on the internet anyway, im only copying files from my computers at home to it and im not using remote desktop. Last but not least followed this guide to maximize the swap file. Cool

Problem solved. I hope anyone out there can use this information so they dont, like me, have to spend a long time to find the cause for the problem. Rolleyes

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