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Poll: Do you want the new flash based UI on the 200er Series?
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Yes i want the new flash based UI 86.86% 1454 86.86%
No, i don't want the new flash based UI 13.14% 220 13.14%
Total 1674 votes 100%
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New UI for 200er Series, same as A-300 UI?!
10-10-2011, 06:04 AM
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RE: New UI for 200er Series, same as A-300 UI?!
I am hesitant about the all in approach of new Flash based interface or nothing.

Considering how slow the current NMJ is - (it cannot handle my music collection at all, and movie browsing is slow as well) and that was designed for the 200 series, it worries me that the new firmware will run horribley slowly (Werner has noted that it will run slower) and thus make it unusable.

If I was stuck with NMJ at the moment and could'nt use YAMJ and Musicjukebox as I currently do, I would have a brick. It is only that I can use the HTML based jukeboxes and themes that make the machine easy to use.

I would also be worried about the options that the new browser offers. Currently NMJ doesn't offer enough options that I would use it, even if it did run well. (Album by Artist, easy artist selection etc etc.)

Why hamstring yourslef by putting a new generation UI on a n old machine, buy a new C-300 if you want it. I don't try runnning Windows 7 on my 386 at home.

Big Grin

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