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Batch edit audio tracks in avi
01-16-2012, 04:35 PM
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Batch edit audio tracks in avi
So the current YAMJ has the cool feature to scrape the language of audio tracks inside an AVI file.
The problem is: 90% of my files are missing that value. So I'm looking for a solution to add this.

The only software I found which is capable of doing so is "AVI-Mux GUI". The problem is: it ALWAYS remuxes the file, which takes a considerable amount of time. Also it's not possible to create a batch file which would just do that with all of my files (all files have the same language and only 1 audio track, so no problem here).

The software I'm looking for has to be able to directly edit the file without remuxing (is that even possible?), so it's very fast and can do that in one go with all of my files.

I hope somebody knows a software which can do that!
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01-16-2012, 05:19 PM
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RE: Batch edit audio tracks in avi
90% of your files are missing the header? would something like avifix or similar help/
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01-16-2012, 09:41 PM (This post was last modified: 01-16-2012 10:14 PM by kollegah1338.)
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RE: Batch edit audio tracks in avi
Well no, the header is not missing. It just doesn't contain the right language information for the audio stream.
It's empty for most of the files (at least MediaInfo doesn't show any information, maybe empty = default = English, but I'm not very familiar with the avi specs, at least for mkv it's like that). So I want to add/edit it to German.

Googling for "avifix" didn't bring any good results, it just shows some outdated software "AVI Fixed" from 2003 and DivFix++, but both don't seem to be a solution for my problem.

Or is there a way to make YAMJ use the language information from filenames? All of my files have "German" in filename, but some have multiple audio streams, therefore multiple languages. So this option would only be useful for files which don't store any language information inside (all of my files which do have more than 1 audiostream also have correct language info inside). Anyway this is just a cheap workaround and I'd rather have correct information in my files than just force YAMJ to detect it as something different.

I got a little bit further. I used a hex editor to find out the place where the language information is stored in a file which already contains the correct language. It's in the same block as the encoding tool, which is pretty lame, because that way I can't copy paste one information to another file (which somehow would be possible with a batch command I guess) because I'd lose the information of the original encoding tool. It did work though, I tried it once and MediaInfo showed the correct Language for the audio stream (and also the edited encoding tool of course). But losing one information for the sake of another one is kind of stupid.
So I'm still looking for a tool to do that (coding one myself is not an option, it'd take longer than just remuxing my ~700 files or editing them by hand with a hex editor).
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