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Component Output... Nothing
03-27-2012, 05:19 AM
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Component Output... Nothing
Have a new C200, it joins 2 'older' ones (plus an A110 that has been resigned to a closet gathering dust at this point).

The display I want to hook it up to only has a spare component input (no big deal, both my previous units are connected thus, I don't have a 1080p set only two 1080i, in fact my original living room HD set has no HDMI).

But I'm testing the new unit out where the display has both, but only has a 'spare' component input. But I'm getting nothing there. Yes, the input works (swapped in one of the older C-200's, works perfectly), the cables are obviously okay, but still nothing output on the components - HDMI does work, and I swapped one of those cables around to check out that and was able to go through the audio/video settings and made sure everything is set the same as the 'working' unit:

Video Out: 1080i 60zHz
Framerate Sync: Off
Video Zoom: Fit to Screen (display is a 16:9)
TV Type: 16:9
Colorspace: 16-235

The only thing that looks 'strange' (as the newest unit has newer firmware v. the older set(s)) is that Colorspace setting. In searching the forum, I found that both the Component and HDMI 'should' operate at the same time, with a few variances, but I can't quite see what would make the HDMI work but not the component outs.

Wish I had an oscilloscope and I might have some additional info, but no.

So I'm at a loss at this point; before I get more serious then I want to get (reset the firmware to it's 'base'), I thought I'd better ask here first.

FYI have 'swapped' the older known working and the new unit back and forth 2-3 times to make sure I wasn't having a brain freeze on getting the cables and such wacky, and no... same result.

So... Huh
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03-27-2012, 05:29 AM (This post was last modified: 03-27-2012 05:30 AM by accident.)
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RE: Component Output... Nothing
To make sure I understand, you have it setup with component and component out shows nothing on the screen?

That's pretty simple to fix but not obvious through the interface (although it might be easy via the blue screen on the unit).. connect it back on component and make sure the c200 is on. press and release the tv mode button and quickly after that (with a very brief pause) press 0.. that will throw it back into auto mode and somethign should appear. If not try the tv mode and # again but this time is 7, 8 and 9 (one at a time).. I think 1-3 are svideo, 4-6 are hdmi and 7-9 are component but I could be wrong. just get something to appear on the screen then use the video settings to adjust it perfect for that tv.. remember your tv may not have all the modes on component you think it does.. for instance, 60hz may not work but 30hz may..

Another thought: it's possible your tv is sharing inputs and while there is a spare component jack, it might be combined with the hdmi port that isn't available making it 1 input, 2 different options.. you'll need to look at your tv manual to make sure that input is really available.
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03-27-2012, 06:54 AM
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RE: Component Output... Nothing
Nada. In going through that routine, I lost the HDMI output for a bit, but managed to get it back.

I know the modes exactly the display has, I've had both another C200 (mentioned above, it's been on that display for a good year +) and 3 other 'things' (both HDMI and component) feeding the display all during that time, so I know it will work (if it isn't broke), and swapping in the original C-200 it all works again.

Are you thinking that it's 'locked' into HDMI mode, and won't output correctly unless and until that output is disabled and the components are enabled? If so, I'll give this another try and hopefully won't get 'locked out' of getting back to the now 'working' HDMI and get stuck with both outputs in a non-working 'mode'.

If I can't get it to work component wise, I'll have to have a 'meeting of minds' on what to do, as I have a limited number of ports on that set and I'll have to 'steal' (semi-permanently) the port I have to the C-200 off a Blu-Ray disc player and movie the components up to it.
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03-27-2012, 06:57 AM
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RE: Component Output... Nothing
try power cycling your tv.. I've seen some situations personally where it locks up an input on my tv and only rebooting the tv will get that input back.
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03-27-2012, 07:24 AM
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RE: Component Output... Nothing
Already did that, several times. Figured out the 'TV Mode' sequence, and what 'modes' it cycles through, it basically just goes through all the resolutions and sync rates; since this particular display only does 480i and 1080i (with a 'maybe' on 720P although it's not listed in the manual), the 1080i/60hz is what I have it 'locked into', and the other devices are able to output on either component or HDMI at that level as well.

So I'm back where I started, maybe a bit more as I've been going through all the usual 'setting it up' stuff and it all seems to work... except. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a look at the innards and see it their anything 'loose', but that's pretty much grasping at straws.

I don't know what the schematic would show as to the signal path out of the decode chip to the HDMI/Component/Composite outs.
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03-27-2012, 03:38 PM
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RE: Component Output... Nothing
I'll take a look internally on this unit today, in addition, I still have a HDMI-to-component converter box from when I was hacking around with my original HTPC (living room HD display is back from the dawn of HD with no DMI or HDMI inputs) that I haven't used since I got on the PCH bandwagon, so I'll give that a try, will have to see if the analog audio outputs are working first before going down that road as the converter box is video only and when I was doing the HTPC I used optical audio out to a receiver/processor.

I actually bought this unit to go into another area, and the display there has a couple of unused HDMI inputs, so 'eventually' those component outputs won't be used after I do all the due diligence on making sure it works 100%. Meanwhile, though, I wonder if the final manufacturing testing procedure even checks those analog outputs, as the 'standard' might be HDMI these days. Sill would like to get them to work, though.
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03-27-2012, 10:08 PM (This post was last modified: 03-28-2012 02:21 AM by Beck38.)
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RE: Component Output... Nothing
Put on my HDMI-to-Component box, and ran it all. Lasted 30min.

The C-200 is now looking dead. It powers up, changed the plugs around back to pure HDMI to display, and can't get a picture at all. For a bit got a message that the PCH output was a level that the display couldn't handle, so tried the 'TV Mode' trick, but nothing. The front LCD display is dark and not showing anything. I'll pull the unit out of the rack later today, open the unit up, and take a look (which was my original idea anyway), but it looks dead at this point.

So unless someone has some bright idea, I'll have to return the unit, as basically being DOA.

Addendum: unplugged and let sit for 30+min (always good in these situations) and re-energized. Came up, all the settings were still there (left plugged in to HDMI), and restarted the movie I was using for a long-term test (Forrest Gump if you're wondering), over my network. It's going now, will see how far it makes it.

I'm a bit reluctant to let this unit go back, as it has the 'slimline' rack w/ slimline dvd/BR disc player in it, something which looks like Syabas has decided to get out of the business supplying; and the last unit I tried putting in an optical disc player in (my #2, #1 worked great and is still doing so) had problems even though it's on the 'okay' list (has probs playing standard DVD's that are anamorphic), all others are fine.

So will continue to run some 'long duration' tests, and see what gives.

Well, that didn't last long. About 10min. Dead.

Okay, time to pull it out and take a look inside it. Get all the packing materials together and get ready to ship back. Put the original (#2) unit back in and retest.

Original unit works perfectly. Looking inside the new unit revealed nothing out of wack. I would say that the 'final inspection' (if there was any) is a defective process.
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