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[C-200] Firmware 03-04-120517-21-POP-408 (03-04-111220-21-POP-408) (23.05.2012)
07-05-2012, 10:53 PM
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RE: [C-200] Firmware 03-04-120517-21-POP-408 (03-04-111220-21-POP-408) (23.05.2012)
(07-05-2012 10:00 PM)chris57 Wrote:  You need tp update your NMT Apps. Do it via a USB stick and download the right NMT APPS version. Do a Typical Format install as it will not over write your files. See the WIKI for help/guides.

This firmware has NOT done anything to your network. What happens when you do a factory reset is that you may have to totally reset all of your Menu Settings. Go to the Network Section and make sure you have the correct settings. It will also have defaulted to the Device Name PCH-C200. So if you have Windows shares they wont work until you install the NMT Apps and set your Device Name to what it is. You should also reboot your router.

Hi Chris, I have downloaded the '' from the URL at the start of this thread.

I followed the instructions on the Read Me file and still the same result, no apps installed.

I have checked the Wiki and followed the advice there:
If you update via USB then make sure that the file 'syb8634.nmt' ('apps.nmt' on 200/300) is located in the ROOT of the USB stick. Not in any folder.
Navigate to SETUP > Maintenance > NMT Setup Wizard
Select 'Fresh' for a new installation of NMT Apps, including a format of the internal HDD, or 'Typical' for an update.
Choose the source of the update; either online or USB and start the installation.

Still no joy, do you think I need to re-install the previous version then attempt another upgrade to the current version?
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07-06-2012, 07:11 AM
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RE: [C-200] Firmware 03-04-120517-21-POP-408 (03-04-111220-21-POP-408) (23.05.2012)
A quick question. Is it indeed standard behaviour now that the C200 no longer goes to the last share you were when you turn it on? Mine now gives me 6 times the spinning wheel and stays in the homescreen. I have 6 shares defined, so my guess is the six times spinning wheel has to do with this.
I don't like this. It takes even longer before I can start watching a movie.

C200 + 4GB USB stick + LiteOn BD-rom and A400 without internal storage via HDMI to Yamaha RX-V767 receiver to LG 47LW650S full HD TV and Panasonic PT-AE3000U full HD beamer, all media on Synology DS414
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07-06-2012, 07:16 AM
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RE: [C-200] Firmware 03-04-120517-21-POP-408 (03-04-111220-21-POP-408) (23.05.2012)
temporarily rename your index.htm, go into the share without it and then put it back.
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