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myihome+a110 config problem
06-08-2012, 03:38 AM
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myihome+a110 config problem
Hi there. can somebody please point me to a related thread or help with my problem?

I'm trying to move to linux from windows. I got the server started and configured the xml file for the media paths, but every time I start the server it creates "my pictures/videos/music" in the home folder.

The nmt sees the server but gets "file not found" when I try to navigate to files with the controller.


>> IHOME_HOME = /home/user/myiHomeLinux-v5.2.0
>> audioextpath = /home/user/myiHomeLinux-v5.2.0/webapps/ROOT/xml/music.xml
>> langxml = /home/user/myiHomeLinux-v5.2.0/webapps/ROOT/xml/index.xml
>> videopath = /home/user/My Videos
>> audiopath = /home/user/My Music
>> photopath = /home/user/My Pictures
>> exportpath = /home/user/Library/myiHome/export
>> thumbpath = /home/user/Library/myiHome/thumb
[Server@1a35bab2]: [Thread[main,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) entered
[Server@1a35bab2]: [Thread[main,5,main]]: checkRunning(false) exited
[Server@1a35bab2]: Startup sequence initiated from main() method
[Server@1a35bab2]: Loaded properties from [/home/user/myiHomeLinux-v5.2.0/]
[Server@1a35bab2]: Initiating startup sequence...
[Server@1a35bab2]: Server socket opened successfully in 73 ms.
[Server@1a35bab2]: Database [index=0, id=0, db=file:/home/user/Library/myiHome\data, alias=mydb] opened sucessfully in 1700 ms.
[Server@1a35bab2]: Startup sequence completed in 1780 ms.
[Server@1a35bab2]: 2012-06-08 03:07:46.968 HSQLDB server 1.8.0 is online
[Server@1a35bab2]: To close normally, connect and execute SHUTDOWN SQL
[Server@1a35bab2]: From command line, use [Ctrl]+[C] to abort abruptly
load theme deepblue-1280x720


  <key name="VideoPath" value="/media/truecrypt1/Videos"/>
  <key name="AudioPath" value="/media/truecrypt1/Music"/>
  <key name="PhotoPath" value="/media/truecrypt1/Pictures"/>
  <key name="Theme" value="deepblue"/>
  <key name="MusicWFEnable" value="false"/>
  <key name="Music Background" value=""/>
  <key name="Startup" value="FALSE"/>
  <key name="FirmwareUpdateURL" value=""/>
  <key name="ShowAppAtStartup" value="False"/>
  <key name="ControlCS" value="true"/>
  <key name="Control" value=""/>
  <key name="DvrPath" value=""/>
  <key name="RecIniPath" value=""/>
  <key name="Registered" value="1"/>
  <key name="VideoWFEnable" value="false"/>
  <key name="Language" value="English"/>

The drive is mounted and decrypted before the server is started.
I think the problem is with the xml file not being replicated/updated somehow.

Any ideas?

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