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Poll: do you regret your pch purchase(s)
no, i don't feel as if i were ripped off
F YES!!!!!
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do you regret your pch purchase?
02-16-2013, 01:25 PM (This post was last modified: 02-16-2013 07:02 PM by Funksoldier.)
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RE: do you regret your pch purchase?
I certanly regret buying my c300. It does the same things my 110 does, but only worse.

*Having and keeping a netwerkconnection is impossible, tried other routers and all kinds of settings. U have to know about networking to have a c300 to work in the network (for less then an hour).
*no possibility to use active ip-adress, it will use netmask-and gatewaynumbers that doesn't excist in the network
*3D subtitles doesn't work from the start, never had them to work properly even though i tried many of the options stated in this forum, if i connect my hd to my tv, it always works, no mather what format the subtitles are in. So could have kept my a-110, wich plays the 3D files like sbs files perfectly.
*Turning the device off with the remote doesnt take 5 sec, but sometimes up to tree minutes of pressing the button on the remote.
*Movies stutter and sometimes stops playing
*no new content on the Apps market for months now, wich was one of the big features as advertised!
*Sometimes device needs reboot to get subtitles in normal movie files
*Need to re-install nmt apps once a month, in some strange way he copies the nmt apps from my usb-stick to my ntfs hard drive, wich results in double-load of the nmt apps wich results in a very-slow pch, so copying all files to new disc, reinstall pch, copying files back... pfff. And i did tried using the pch without a usb-stick and set it all on a internal ext. hd, but that results in sometimes all files beeing deleted...
* never finds subtitles
*always miss first second of audiotrack (flac, mp-3, etc)
*nzb download at 1200kb/s, on laptop or other computer at 4 mb/s
*sometimes when pressing play/ok to watch moviefile (the big bang theory mkv) the unit reboots
* etc.etc.

So yes, i regret spending 375 euro on this device wich isn't stable, not well supported, en not even comes with a dvd/bd drive or a HD for that kind of money, certainly if u see what kind of problems u have trying to set it up, and keeping it to work overall.
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02-17-2013, 08:32 AM
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RE: do you regret your pch purchase?
Yes and no. I have an A-110 which has worked for the past 4 years, but not reliably. I'm happy in that the hardware did not fail, but the software is much to be desired. When the A200 came out, I considered buying it. Then I saw horror stories about how ill-prepared it was. This pattern continued into the A400, where I saw a player that promised X but couldn't deliver.

I'm not sure I'll ever buy another Popcorn Hour product again, and I certainly tell my friends to stay away from it.
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02-17-2013, 09:40 PM
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RE: do you regret your pch purchase?
Well, the support here, comprised of friendly pch owners tirelessly helping others, is absolutely phenomenal. That probably makes the cost and effort worthwhile.

That being said, I bought this thing for two reasons: 1) I wanted something dead simple as opposed to building an HTPC; and 2) I wanted something my wife could use without frustration or difficulty.

As you might imagine, the product is fail on both counts. I've spent countless hours getting it to work right, not to mention the countless hours that the community here has put into support and app development. And it crashes constantly, has sync problems, requires attention for things like subtitles, and is anything but easy to use.

It's disappointing that the developer never even acknowledges the existence of repeatable crash bugs. As soon as I have the budget, I'll be building an HTPC and will never buy another one of these, nor recommend them to others.
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02-17-2013, 10:55 PM (This post was last modified: 02-17-2013 10:55 PM by solamnic.)
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RE: do you regret your pch purchase?
I bought a Popcorn Hour A100 when it was first released... It was a great product although it had some overheating issues that i managed to bypass with the help of this forum..

When A110 was released i recommended it to a really close friend ... I was amazed .. it did play most of the files that the A100 couldnt (some very large 1080p rips)... and it had no overheating issues... a really great product..

Time passed and the A200 was released... I bought it .. Smile and the moovika case (cause i really hated the plastic and the fan)...
and it was the BEST Popcorn hour i ever bought... I could play everything from network (NFS) and had Bluray rips with menus... Couldnt ask for more.. I even bought 2 more units - one for my parents and one for my sister-...

More time passed and PCH A400 was released... It featured an amazing dual core chipset, a great looking case and many many features (VXP) that really made me say.. Yes this is the product that i will buy..
I Sold my A200... (biggest mistake ever)

Got the A400... and ..... Problems.. lots of problems... First the subtitles, then the TrueHD, etc etc (and i am no fan of 3d... if i were from what i ve read more problems there..)...
About network problems we now learned that its a syabas kernel problem...With no ETA...

I also read that people use NMJ... it is slow... very slow... i dont know if it is the processing power or something else .. but it is slow..
and i have to rely on my trusty YAMJ (with eversion).. the same one that i use for many years

I respect Popcorn.. i really do.. they let us tell of our complaints without erasing this post (Unlike X......r)..

I am just curious .. havent they tested this product (A400) before releasing it to the public??

Bottom line...
I ordered an Arctic MC001 Htpc.. found it really cheap...
Will make it my primary XBMC machine...

Will update A400 with every firmware that is released... and test it ...

If it ever be ready then i will use it - or sell it - Cool
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02-19-2013, 08:44 AM
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RE: do you regret your pch purchase?
Of course, nothing can quite compete with an HTPC, no matter how small/weak . . it's 100% computer hardware, no special chipsets and as such has way more power and useability than any stand alone hardware mediaplayer.

these players ALL have several problems.
i own two players from FanTec and one fromPopcorn Hour, all of them have certain problems that differ from model to model. updates, networking problems, unable to play certain files without a re-encode, problems with subtitles, certain sound variants not being able to be played on different devices, all in all small because of the limited chipset/OS etc . .
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