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LF pch 110 wifi dongle (NL)
01-28-2013, 04:30 PM
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LF pch 110 wifi dongle (NL)
Hello there,
Im looking for a shop to buy a new pch nw-100 wifi dongle , all the internet webshops tell me its out of order is this a true fact?
Further im looking for some installing assistance in Dutch .
I hope you can help me guys !
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01-29-2013, 01:28 AM
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RE: LF pch 110 wifi dongle (NL)
The PCH A-110 is a faily old player, I don't think you'll be able to find a new WiFi dongle got it. confused
*In theory* it should be possible to use a more common dongle, but you'll have to find, build and
install/configure Linux drivers for it for the PCH.

Is there any reason you want to use WiFi?
You do know WiFi sucks (is very unreliable) when playing video-content, do you?


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01-29-2013, 11:26 AM (This post was last modified: 01-29-2013 11:28 AM by ben pch110.)
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RE: LF pch 110 wifi dongle (NL)
no i dont to be honest .
i realy realy new into the mediaplayer/ downloading movies etcetera
the only things i read up a is this forum for several days now,
the main reason i want to use wifi is i dont like to hide wires in my livingroom.
but i also dont know where the best place is to set up my pch,
per haps eventually i will change to a wired connection.
i got a whole lot of question im looking to be answered:

the situation:
i bought an pch110 with 1tb hdd intergraded * and i bought an second hand dongle, coming ion tomorow*

internet comes in,
then a router switches this connection in to 2: 1) wireless 2) lan cable,
2) the lan cable goes up and is connected directly to a desktop
1) the wireless network is used for my laptop, smartphones and my television ( samsung d6400 serie)

the desktop is shared so i can search files on it with my laptop.
now the PCH must be in this situation Smile
my thought was to hook it up on the TV ( i dont know of the TV can be used as a network connection for the pch, cause its a smart tv there will be special features i guess.
when hooked on on the tv, i will use the wifi to transfer files from my desktop to the pch, so when i want to watch a movie i start op pch and look the movie from his hdd.
with this im looking for some funny smartphone apps to use as remote for the pch, so i can sit down and relax
the movies will be transfered by wifi and i can watch an already 1 saved movie.

is this a bad scenario or are the "improved "scenarios witch i dont know

gr ben
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01-29-2013, 11:48 PM
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RE: LF pch 110 wifi dongle (NL)
As long as you don't stream video-content throught wireless, there shouldn't
be a real problem I guess. Wink
If you just download your favorite content and copy it to the PCH, you should
be fine (you could also use the built-in BitTorrent and/or UseNet-client) Heart

Instead of a WLAN-dongle, you could also get a separate WLAN-receiver, so
you can use the normal LAN-connector on the PCH.

A couple of days ago I saw an Edimax N300 at Conrad for under €30,=
A nice feature is that it has 5 LAN "Outputs", so you're also able to connect
your Smart-TV to make it "Wireless".

Speaking of your Smart-TV: if I'm not mistaken, the Samsung D6400-series
runs on Android and is, in effect, some sort of PopCorn Hour. Rolleyes
Upto now, I'm not very impressed about the current generation of Smart-TV's:
they're almost all pretty slow in user-response, but their playback quality is
impressive and might surpass mediaplayers, like the PCH, in the future.


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