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Image:Yellowvsmall.jpg Medium difficulty requiring some technical skills, or some parts require more than basic knowledge.

Name: ToNMT UI
Type: Media Conversion
Current Version: 6.0.2 + patch 6.0.5
Website: [NMT forum]
GUI: Converting HD-DVD
GUI: Converting HD-DVD

ToNMT UI (To NetworkedMediaTank User Interface) is made by user dburckh and written in Java. It converts HD DVD and Blu-Ray disks to a more NMT/PopcornHour friendly format. It has three main goals:

  • Provide a simple and consistent interface for converting HD disks to an NMT/PopcornHour friendly format.
  • Provide the best possible video & audio conversion, lossless when possible
  • Single step conversion for faster processing (when possible)


Why Use ToNMT?

  1. Simple to use
  2. Smaller file sizes
  3. Handles Blu-Ray HD audio codecs that other tools can't
  4. Produces the highest quality video/audio possible

The goal is to provide the best possible conversion with freely available tools. I've seen a couple of posts saying, "Can't I just use this, then that and then the other thing and get the same results?" The answer is yes! The advantage of ToNMT is you don't have to know how to run this, that and the other thing to do it. In addition the logic to get the best possible results on an NMT is embedded in ToNMT.




  1. Download the latest release of ToNMT (currently 6.0.2 + patch 6.0.5)
  2. Unzip to your local hard drive

Mac/Linux, etc

  1. If you have a decrypted Blu-Ray or AVCHD files, you can use ToNMT on any OS that supports Java. I know there are non-Windows solutions for decrypting, so I figured it was worth mentioning.
  2. Since HD DVD requires eac3to and TsMuxer, these discs will NOT work with ToNMT.

Running ToNMT UI

  1. Double-click on ToNMT.cmd
  2. Click Auto Source
  3. Select Save As...


Temporary Directory - HD DVD conversion requires a significant amount of disk space (up to 30GB). Select a location that can handle this much data.

Audio Settings - Depending on your PCH/NMT version you may only be able to use SD audio (AC3/dts) or possibly just AC3. These settings allow you to specify how you want to convert the HD audio (LCMP, EAC3, TrueHD, dts-HD) to work with your setup. To use HD audio on the NMT, you have to have an NMT that has an HDMI 1.3 connector and a receiver capable of decoding the HD audio codecs. Note: The A-100 will support multichannel LCPM (uncompressed audio) via an HDMI 1.1 connection. Using uncompressed audio creates much larger files.

Conversion Output - Allows the user to select the SD audio codec used if the Audio Option is covert. The original A-100 did not support HD audio codecs other than LPCM. (In 4.x TrueHD/eac3to are always converted)

Audio Options:

  1. Passthrough - Don't modify the audio in any way (5.0)
  2. Convert - Convert the audio to the codec specified above (5.0)
  3. Core - Some Blu-Ray sources (TrueHD and dts-HD) have an SD audio codec core that can be used your setup can't decode HD audio (5.x, 4.x always cores).
  4. Passthrough + AC3 - For HD DVD TrueHD sources, an AC3 audio track can be added for Blu-Ray/NMT compliance (5.x)

Third party program locations - generally, you should just leave these as is.


  • Installation Issues
  • Vista Issues (related to UAC)
    • Access Denied Errors
      • Vista UAC restricts many file operations including the ability to write to the root of the C:\ drive and updating a file. Make sure you have permissions to create new files in ToNMT UI's temporary directory or run ToNMT as Administrator. This seems to work around the problems.
  • Really advanced stuff you shouldn't play with unless you are having issues
    • I revamped the command line to allow several advanced options.
      • ToNMT -Deac3toPostfix=<eac3toOption> used append extra parameters to eac3to. <eac3toOption> includes "-libav" to override Nero or "-keepDialnorm" to fix a problem with some Denon amps
      • ToNMT -DkeepTempFiles=y keeps all the temp files from HD DVD processing useful for debugging or doing extra post processing

Reported Issues

Discs that do not convert properly

  • 5.4.3
    • DD+ doesn't always sync up with my amp. Try pressing pause and then play or skipping backwards and forwards. This seems to eventually get it to sync.

Software Related

Helping out

  • The best way to help out is to post the log, disc type (Blu-Ray or HD DVD), title and what your settings are. Generally, I only update the latest version, so make sure that you are up to date.

Feature Requests

License/Source Code

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