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UPnP is an abbreviation for Universal Plug and Play. It can be used for easy networked administration and management of compliant devices. Some features are special for Audio/Video (A/V) devices.

The NMT devices features both a UPnP client and a server. The server is available through the NMT Apps package that requires an internal hard disk. With this, you can stream content to another UPnP device that can play it. The NMT UPnP client can pick up and play media from a UPnP Server such as MediaTomb, Twonky, PlayOn etc.

An external UPnP controller can be used to invoked basic play functionality remotely, such as Cidero for PC/Mac and PlugPlayer for iPhone/iTouch.

At present, the UPnP A/V Media Rendering possibilities are only basic.


Known UPnP Media Controllers

With a Media Controller you can remote control a compliant UPnP Media Renderer.

  • PlugPlayer: control the NMT as a UPnP Media Renderer from an Apple iPhone and iTouch.
  • Cidero: control the NMT as a UPnP Media Renderer from a PC.
  • Nokia N95, N810, Samsung i8510: control the NMT from a Symbian S60 phone using native DLNA client: instructions on the NMT Forum.
  • Kinsky: Control Point

URLs for UPNP capabilities

Firmware: 01-17-090125-15-POP-403-000

UPnP Testing

This relates to firmware: 01-17-090125-15-POP-403-000 and the implementation found on port 6357

Using UPnP testing tools and confirming with Cidero 1.5.3, the following functions were tested:

UPnP AVTransport

  • Stop -- This stops playing and goes back to the home menu when video and music are playing
  • Play -- This appears to do nothing
  • Next -- This appears to do nothing
  • Prev -- This appears to do nothing
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