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Image:Yellowvsmall.jpg Medium difficulty requiring some technical skills, or some parts require more than basic knowledge.


Converting with Xvid4psp

  • Winnydows Xvid4psp is a very easy and useful software for converting troublesome video files to a compliant format for the NMT.
  • Useful for complete conversions of both video and audio, or just a simple audio conversion with a remux to a supported container while keeping original video quality.

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This guide is based on recommended official full version 5.037 which includes all needed support tools and used format presets


Example of use

Camera Footage

  • Many consumer grade digital cameras record video which are either stored in proprietary containers like Quicktime, use non supported video formats like M-JPEG or unsupported audio formats like PCM.
  • DV Videocameras records in the DV format stored in .avi containers, also not supported

These files need re-encoding before they will play on the NMT.

Steps to follow

1. Download and install Xvid4psp

2. Open your video in Xvid4psp


3. Under settings select the following as displayed in screen-shot above:-

  • Format: MKV (preferred format to use on the NMT)
  • Video encoding: x264 Q21 turbo (if video needs to be converted, else just select "copy" if original video track all ready works on the NMT)
  • Audio encoding: AC3 192k (if audio needs to be converted, else just select "copy" if original audio track all ready works on the NMT)

4. Finally hit the "Encode" button to start conversion to a new file.

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