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=== Popcorn Hour A-110 ===
=== Popcorn Hour A-110 ===
* [ 01-17-110314-15-POP-403] 5 April 2011
* [ 01-17-101217-15-POP-403] 23 December 2010 (Stepstone firmware)
* [ 01-17-100516-15-POP-403] 18 Aug 2010
* [ 01-17-100516-15-POP-403] 18 Aug 2010
* [ 01-17-100317-15-POP-403] 24 Mar 2010
* [ 01-17-100317-15-POP-403] 24 Mar 2010

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The software on the NMT used to control its basic functions is called the firmware. As bugs are fixed and new features added, a new firmware is released so that existing owners can update their NMT to the latest version.

This is a summary page containing all the firmware releases for each product. Click on the firmware release relevant to your device to see details regarding the update. For information on how to perform the update, see Firmware & NMT Apps Updating.


Firmware Naming Convention

Firmware have a numbering system to identify the release and NMT player. For example:-


  • 01-17 - Syabas internal revision numbering
  • 090911 - YYMMDD numbering system for date released for testing before release
  • 15 - Kernel Number
  • POP-402 - NMT make and model/type

Firmware Updating Convention

  • To update you only need to install the latest version of the firmware. You do NOT need to go through each update.
  • However there is one firmware known as the stepstone firmware version that ALL NMT's HAVE to go through as it brings important changes such as the Recovery ability. This firmware version has the YYMMDD of 080612 so if your firmware version is pre this date you MUST update with this version prior to updating to the latest version. If the date is after then just update to the latest release.

Popcorn Hour

Popcorn Hour A-100

Popcorn Hour A-110

Popcorn Hour B-110 Baseline

Popcorn Hour C-200

Popcorn Hour A-200


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